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Dr. Svetlana Pundik’s interest in neurology was sparked when she was just an undergraduate student working in a lab where the research was being conducted on post-stroke mechanisms of injury in the brain. When she got to medical school, her interest in neurology only grew, compelling her to enter a neurology residency and complete additional training in vascular neurology. In her work as a clinician, Dr. Pundik sees patients ideally within minutes of the onset of stroke in order to treat them during the short window of opportunity allotted. In her work as a researcher, she focuses on post-stroke recovery processes that take place over months and years after a stroke. Specifically, she’s looking at how to improve upper and lower extremity motor function and determine what exactly is happening in the brain when a patient does show signs of improved function.

She offers an interesting and informative look into the world of stroke medicine and rehabilitation, discussing the two different types of strokes and how the treatments differ for each, what warning signs to look for at the onset of stroke, the degrees to which patients can recover from motor and other deficits resulting from stroke, and what she sees as the future of stroke rehabilitation.

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