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Epigenetics is the science of how DNA is controlled and how it’s affected by the environment and the lifestyles we choose; sleep hygiene, chronic stress, and diet are just a few examples of lifestyle factors that can directly affect the expression of our genes. This may sound scary at first, but the silver lining is that epigenetics is dynamic, which means that unlike the genetic information that is fixed from birth, epigenetic changes can be identified and changed before causing health problems. This means your epigenetic profile, when understood properly, can be used as an immensely powerful tool in redirecting the course of your genetic fate. Tom Stubbs is the CEO of Chronomics, a company that’s not only giving people access to their epigenetic information, but providing them with an analysis of what it all means for their health and future, and connecting them with a team of coaches who will help them to meet their desired goals—or rather, to redirect the course of their genetic fate. Stubbs joins the podcast to discuss exactly how the product works, as well as the science behind epigenetics and various forms of DNA modification.

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