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One out of every three people in the world suffer from sleep problems, whether it’s the inability to fall asleep, the inability to stay asleep longer, or just waking up feeling tired. Of all the complaints surrounding poor-quality sleep, one, in particular, is the most difficult for people to deal with: trying to get through the demands of the day.

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While some people will successfully locate a sleep clinic in their area, many others won’t be able to; sleep doctors are in short supply and high demand.

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But what if you could train your brain to sleep better, from the comfort of your home, or whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you?

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Guirec Le Lous is the co-founder of URGOTech, a company that’s offering a product that will allow for just that.

URGOTech’s training material differs in no way from what sleep clinics and doctors use, which means you have the chance of receiving legitimate, medical-grade help with your sleep problem. It only takes three 15 to 20-minute training sessions per week to start seeing improvements within a month. In addition to falling asleep faster, users of URGOTech’s product have seen a 53% reduction in the number of times they wake up at night. The product comes with a headband which measures your brain activity and an app which gives you feedback on how you’re progressing along the way.

Interested in learning more? Guirec Lu Lous explains all the details about how it works and when you can expect to get one for yourself. Learn more by visiting

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