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What makes science so difficult for people of all ages to grasp? Why do so many of us feel so intimidated by the subject?

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Melanie Peffer, Ph.d, has cracked the code behind enabling men, women, and children to actively engage with science without fear or anxiety.

Tune into discover:

  • How to change your perspective on your own ability to learn science
  • The role of cognitive psychology in scientific education
  • The best way to confidently read and evaluate scientific papers

Melanie holds a B.S. in biology and a doctoral degree in molecular biology from the University of Pittsburgh, after graduating cum laude. Now an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, she is turning everything we once knew about both teaching and learning science on its head. From her free Coursera course to her educational book, Melanie has dedicated herself to making biology and other sciences more approachable, interesting, and accessible to as many people as possible.

The scientific process is more than performing simple biology experiments in a laboratory or a classroom. We can observe biological principles everywhere we go, if we choose to look for them. This is the sentiment of Melanie’s book, Biology is Everywhere: How the Science of Life Matters to Life. The importance of biology to human society cannot be overstated, so how did so many of us end up dreading science class? Why do intelligent adults shy away from reading and analyzing scientific research?

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Observing biology in daily life and understanding science simply, without any pretense, may just be the key to changing the minds of the masses.

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First-hand and cognitive biases can wreak a surprising amount of havoc on a person’s ability to learn and retain scientific information. By viewing biology through the lenses of psychology, business, and even art, science can be appreciated in new ways, and we can begin to eliminate the stereotype of the cold lab and the droning professor. Biology is, truly, everywhere.

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