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The COVID-19 situation isn’t the first of its kind—not entirely, at least. For as many times as you’ve heard voices claiming it’s triggered the “new normal,” you should have also heard the voices of reason and evidence and logic, which assert that it’s really more like an old normal, yet one that is causing unprecedented levels of damage to the underpinnings of society. Why haven’t you heard these voices? Because they’ve been censored and suppressed by those who stand to gain by spreading fear and lies.

Press play to learn the following:

  • How big pharma has impacted the news media in profound and extremely consequential ways, and how this relates to the COVID-19 situation
  • How the AIDS panic of the 1980s eerily parallels that of COVID-19, and which players have played a starring role in both
  • Where the funding for scientific research on infectious diseases comes from, and how this influences who can conduct research (i.e. who has a voice in medical science)

Ken McCarthy, a pioneer in the movement to commercialize the internet, an expert on internet advertising and marketing, and former student of neuroscience at Princeton University, presents an eye-opening look at COVID-19 in the context of global history. It’s one you won’t hear on the news, and for good reason, which McCarthy explains in depth.

This explanation leads to so many others, such as how to develop and inseminate brilliant propaganda, what it takes to actually implement a war, what it means to put a human being on a ventilator, how to understand the Nuremberg Code in the current context of COVID-19, the truth about Bill Gates’ record as a businessman, the surprising role in and influence on bioethics wielded by Christine Grady, Anthony Fauci’s wife, the very real prospect of digital IDs as vaccine schedule verification, the important distinction between central and commercial banks, and more.

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