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In this episode we are joined by John Williams, a real estate investor and mentor who also creates educational Youtube videos. John has a passion for surrounding himself with successful people, and throughout his career, he has provided countless individuals with valuable economic insight.

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Jump into the conversation to discover:

  • How John’s social media presence has evolved over the years.
  • Where John acquires his information from, and how he organizes it for video content.
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  • Economic predictions for the next 4 months, and the best ways to prepare.
  • Things to be aware of when it comes to real estate investments.
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Being prepared for the future is immensely valuable – and John dedicates much of his time and energy to helping people become aware of the economic tools that are available to them. 

Want to know how you can think big and prepare for the potential changes on the horizon? Tune in now!

Visit now to engage with John’s content for yourself!

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