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The founder of The Quantum Computing Report, Doug Finke offers listeners a perfect distillation of the basics of quantum computing alongside the latest advances.

He describes

  • The two twentieth century physics advancements quantum computing uses, namely entanglement and super-positioning and what they are,
  • The challenges of quantum computing including the error rate, qubit de-coherence, and crosstalk alongside physical requirements such as the intense cooling, and 
  • Current quantum computing industry issues, including the lack of a shared computing language and the attempts to reach a  “quantum advantage,” a step that will bring quantum computing into the commercial field. 

Doug Finke has been involved in computing for over 30 years, following industry elements such as semi-conductors, the storage industry, and more. His research and reporting have helped drive the growth of quantum computing. In this podcast, he discusses the differences between classical computing and quantum technologies.

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First, he explains that our classic computers are based on the physics of the 1800s. He adds that in the 20th century, scientists like Einstein and Heisenberg came up with quantum mechanics—physics that involves entanglement (where two things are linked) and super positioning (can hold a mixture of 0 and 1 at same time). Classic computers of today don’t take advantage of that phenomena, he explains, but quantum technologies and quantum computing do.  

He adds more about the probabilistic form of the answers derived from quantum computing, the need therefore for carefully crafted algorithms, and the accompanying issues of error rates and why. Along the way, he describes the special nature of a qubit and how it holds all of these technologies. He finishes by addressing current industry directions, the possibility of quantum computing commercialization, and what type of access the average user may have.

For more see the website,, where you can sign up for his weekly newsletter that summarizes quantum news with applicable links. 

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