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CEO of KORE Power, Lindsay Gorril, discusses renewable and electrical energy storage systems and technology.

On this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Why the energy cost per kilowatt-hour per user has increased in California despite billions of dollars having been spent on solar energy
  • What impact the current global pandemic has had on energy supply and demand
  • What KORE Power plans to accomplish in the next few months, which includes global integration of their products

KORE Power has been around for three years, and has been in communication with global companies for about a year. The main goal is to become the leading developer of high-density, high-voltage energy storage solutions for global utility, industrial, and mission-critical markets.

As a cell manufacturer, the team at KORE Power produces lithium-ion cells and places them into modules which can then be placed in small energy storage platforms or used in massive peaker plants.

In essence, these batteries store any excess or what would otherwise be wasted energy so that it can be used at times of low energy production or peak usage times. In turn, this not only makes solar grids and renewables more efficient, but also limits the amount of time the peaker plants are being run, which reduces greenhouse gasses and lowers the environmental impact.

Gorril discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the supply and demand for energy, and how it has shed light on the need for and usefulness of more energy storage to alleviate certain challenges.

He also explains why cost has historically been one of the greatest constraints on the technology now being developed by KORE Power, a recycling plan for the batteries they produce, how KORE’s technology can be delivered to and used in remote locations where power lines are not connected to large areas or by FEMA during global disasters, the three main parts of a battery and the technology behind the development of such high-density and high-voltage systems, and more.

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