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Coral reefs are delicate ecological communities that must be taken care of in the face of climate change and other environmental circumstances. Conservationists are discovering more about how to effectively do this the more they investigate the diverse background and genome types of various coral reefs.

Joining us on this episode is Marilyn Brandt, a research associate professor at The Center for Marine and Environmental Studies in the Virgin Islands. Her interest in environmental conservation has been particularly associated with coral reef ecology and the disease research surrounding it. With numerous disease outbreaks occurring in coral reefs, Marilyn is adamant about discovering the causes of these afflictions and how to control them.

Listen to discover:

  • The unique characteristics that coral reefs contain.
  • Examples of the coral species that are commonly found in the Caribbean.
  • How coral reefs react to thermal stress.

To learn more about the nature of coral restoration and climate change, tune in now!

You can find Marilyn Brandt’s online resources at and

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