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How can the body’s immune system play a role in cancer therapy?

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By exploring treatment that relies on the immune system, new solutions continue to be found. Press play to learn:

  • How vaccines could be used to treat cancer
  • How the immune system is downregulated
  • What else may be done to characterize cancer

Brendon Coventry, an Associate Professor of Surgery in Adelaide, South Australia, shares his work looking into the profound part the immune system can play in fighting cancer.

By examining the evolutionary roots of cancer, we have found out that it can track back to how bacteria proliferate and reproduce.

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Since this raised questions about cancer development, new lines of thinking were introduced, allowing for revolutionary new treatment techniques.

By characterizing a cancer patient’s cancer more specifically, treatment may be more effectively tailored to better fight the cancer. In addition, the body’s immune response will be able to better assist and fight the tumors as they evolve in conjunction with growth.

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