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How can mathematical models help us better understand how we can combat the evolution of diseases? By understanding how the development progresses, we may be able to alleviate the burden of disease on humankind.

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  • How a single vaccine could protect against all strains of influenza
  • Why a universal vaccine could be effective
  • Possible roadblocks in developing a universal vaccine

Sunetra Gupta, a Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, shares her work developing treatments to keep up with the development of various diseases and illnesses.

Developing vaccines for various therapeutic applications has been a standard solution to combat illness in a specific period.

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However, as viruses and other “bugs” evolve, vaccines can become ineffective over time.

However, by identifying commonalities between various strains of a virus, developing a more applicable treatment may be possible.

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For example, if viruses were viewed as wearing different clothing outfits over evolutions, identifying a common item of clothing throughout iterations can be incredibly valuable.

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