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Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman & CEO of C-Suite Network, primetime TV & podcast host, delivers a thoughtful overview of his life and work in the business arena.

Hayzlett is a man with many areas of expertise. He is the primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives on the popular, C-Suite TV. Hayzlett is also a noted business podcast host of the celebrated, “All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett” on C-Suite Radio. Hayzlett is known the world over as a business celebrity, speaker, noted author, and of course as the Chairman of C-Suite Network.

Hayzlett discusses all the many things, ventures, and people that comprise the C-Suite Network. As Hayzlett states, time is important, and executives don’t want to waste time when they are looking to grow their businesses and network. Hayzlett’s powerful C-Suite Network is the most trusted, comprehensive network of C-Suite leaders in the world.

Hayzlett goes into detail about the value of the C-Suite Network. He explains how they put their priorities in order for real results, as they focus on incredible growth, development and networking opportunities, and partnerships for eager, successful business executives who want to expand and take their businesses to the top.

Hayzlett discusses his extensive background in business, and how as a business executive in charge of a $17-billion-dollar marketing budget for a $187-billion-dollar company, he needed to make sure that every minute counted; there was no time to waste time. As he explains, with C-Suite, they get to know the habits, the needs, the network interests, etc. of busy executives, and they put this information to work; it’s a community that provides a platform for education and services. Management of time is critical at the executive level, and C-Suite is a trusted guide to provide executives with the network and trusted services that they need to maximize their efficiency and get more out of life.

Hayzlett is an inductee into the NSA’s Speaker Hall of Fame, and a sought-after business expert whose work and innovative ideas are regularly featured in Forbes, Mashable, Marketing Week and many others. Additionally, he can often be seen on Bloomberg, MSNBC, Fox Business, and others, providing insight into various topics of the business world.



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