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TerraCycle is removing the idea of Waste by recycling the non-recyclable multi layered composite type plastics. Whether its baby diapers (6% of the total landfill), tires, juice pouches, candy wrappers or plastic gloves from an industrial facility, TerraCycle can recycle nearly any form of non-recyclable (the number 7s) plastics.

Ernie Simpson explains how they have partnered up with individual collectors, as well as major consumer goods companies, and manufacturers to not only recycle the non-recyclable plastics but also make sure that the recycled materials meet the standard specifications and can be used in manufacturing again – they achieve this by separating the multi layered plastic components and by adding 5% of the virgin materials to account for the molecular weight reduction in the recycling process.

Aluminized plastics & polypropylene plastics (which are the large portion of the waste) are recycled and the materials are then used in mainstream manufacturing as well as making plastic benches & baby swings etc.

Ernie hopes that the industry will be able to recycle the 50% of the world’s waste in about 10 years and will also be able to recycle the materials indefinitely.

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