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I realized that in medicine…we essentially treat symptoms; we have a sick-care system instead of a healthcare system,” says Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of BioViva. It was her son’s diagnosis and experience receiving treatment for type 1 diabetes that compelled her to learn more about childhood diseases, risks, prevention, experimental medicine, and stem cell regenerative medicine. She explains how effective cell type technologies and regenerative medicine can be at curing a multitude of childhood diseases while at the same time targeting one of the greatest unmet needs: treatment for diseases of biological aging, including cancer, heart disease, organ failure, and Alzheimer’s.

Among the regenerative therapies being explored is polymerase induction, which causes telomere extension for combating diseases of aging while at the same time treating progeria, a childhood disease known to cause “accelerated aging.” Parrish discusses the details of all this and more, including the foundation of BioViva in 2015, her personal experience undergoing two gene therapies, and the global impact that this technology could have on the world.

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