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One of the biggest problems with content creation in today’s world is that content creators receive far less monetary compensation than they should, with the majority of the profits going to distributors. Synereo hopes to change that, by allowing artists and creators to monetize their works through the Synereo platform and reward their followers directly.

Synereo allows creators to broadcast their content through social media, allowing fans to send them cryptocurrency in return. Synereo also rewards content curators for their part in distribution with tips, which incentivizes them to continue to curate content, and allows content to reach a wider audience.

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Ultimately, this creates a much more democratic and fair monetization flow for all parties. Synereo began in 2014 and has thousands of users, and will be undergoing a major update in mid-February 2018. Changes will include updates to the website, including threaded comment sections, a mobile app, and more.

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Rogayeh also briefly discusses the perceptions around and the future of how we create and consume content.

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