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VDC Research is an industry analyst and market research firm providing intelligence and strategy consulting services to tech companies including vendors, end users, and investors worldwide. With over 20 years in the arena, Director, Steve Hoffenberg has become an expert of Embedded Software and The Internet of Things.

Hoffenberg explains that with IoT growing so quickly, hackers and other security breach efforts are going to bleed into embedded systems; specifically targeting those with poor and limited security systems and resources.This is a critical time and that’s where VDC Research comes in.The firm covers four different markets including IoT & Embedded Technology, Auto-ID & Data Capture, Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices and Industrial Automation & Sensors. Steve Hoffenberg, Director of IoT and Embedded Technology.

Through targeted surveys, market estimates and forecasts, stakeholder maps and profiles, and various other tools, VDC Research gives their clients the benefit from integrating all of this into the core decision-making processes for their businesses.

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