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Shawn Faver is an advanced posture therapist who currently works as a physical education coach for children, focusing on healthy posture for improved mobility and overall quality of life. Faver has a background in kinesiology and is invested in learning as much as he can about the body in order to be able to help anyone in any situation.

Faver notes that students as young as seven years old are already reporting neck and back pain. He also regularly observes forward neck posture, putting weight on toes when standing (which puts pressure on the back), and shortened hamstrings. He attributes this to the amount of time spent sitting and/or looking at screens.

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Luckily, posture is more manageable when we are young. Faver states that after having his PE class students do five minutes of posture intervention three times a week for two months, the posture of over 63% of his students improved significantly.

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Faver also refers us to StandUpKids, an organization dedicated to combatting the health risks of prolonged sitting by encouraging standing desks in school.

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In addition to the physical health benefits, standing desks have been shown to improve student engagement in classroom activities.

Click play to learn more about Faver and posture therapy, including some tips and tricks you can try yourself. For continued education, visit and


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