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Is cancer detectable by the receptors in the human nose? New research suggests that humans can detect minimal chemical changes using smell.

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Listen in to learn:

  • How humans can lend their incredible sense of smell to bleeding-edge medical technology
  • Why people have a more challenging time describing how something smells than looks
  • Why certain groups of people have an aversion to specific smells and tastes

CEO of Aromyx, Josh Silverman, joins the conversation and lends his insight into the future of human smell receptors and digital technology in healthcare.

As the head of a digital scent technology company, the secrets of human smell sensors and olfactory receptor neurons have been very useful in developing new medical technology and marketing strategies. Since smell is a more rudimentary sensory input than something like sight, it remains extremely sensitive but much harder to process and describe.

Scientists have found genetic predispositions to smells and sensory experiences, leading new studies to search for what populations prefer different scents.

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Aromyx is looking to the future and planning to conduct multiple disease detection studies after previous results have shown great promise.

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