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Saagar Govil, CEO of Cemtrex (, discusses the way we work, how we work, and the innovative technology-oriented products that his company develops that will revolutionize our work environments.

Govil is an experienced business professional and has led the Cemtrex team as its CEO and president since 2011. He was recently honored by Business Insider, ranked seventeenth in their prestigious list: “Top 100 of Silicon Alley.” Additionally, Govil was named to Stony Brook University’s, “Top 40 Under 40.” Govil has a long history with Cemtrex, having previously served as their vice president of operations, where he was responsible for sales and marketing, production, as well as engineering. Govil has extensive experience as an applications engineer adept with individualized customer support on-site, and the design of ready to go engineered systems for a wide variety of projects. He holds a B.E. in Materials Engineering from Stony Brook University, NY.

Govil discusses the history of Cemtrex as a technology company active in the industry for more than two decades, and he outlines the kinds of clients to which they typically provide technology support. He talks about some of their innovative IoT products such as the Cemtrex SmartDesk, which is an advanced workstation that combines all the needs of the modern office into an intuitive sit/stand desk. Govil states that most people have seen incredible innovation come to their computers and personal devices, etc., but that nothing has changed for decades in regard to the office desk and our general workspace. Their groundbreaking product offers 72” of touchscreen, a stark gesture system that allows for touch and touchless gestures to assist workflow, a wireless phone charger, seamless document scanner, built-in keyboard and trackpad, a high-performance PC, integrated phones, and more. Govil explains how touchscreens accelerate workflow and increase interaction efficiency. And as we’ve seen in big budget Hollywood science fiction movies, it is now possible to utilize gesture controls by simply waving your hand in the air—Cemtrex has brought the future to our fingertips. He outlines the intricate details of how the technology works with their top of the line Windows environment and explains how SmartDesk users can configure their workflow with the Cloud, which increases efficiency and decreases clutter.

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Cemtrex is a diversified technology company that seeks to continually drive innovation in a vast range of sectors, from smart technology to virtual and augmented realities, and beyond. Govil’s team’s mission is to introduce technology that will bring real value to people’s lives. Cemtrex, as Govil explains, continually looks for the greatest, brightest new technologies to integrate into their products.

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Govil talks about the rollout of their products and the many backorders they are filling as the release begins.

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Their immersive experience maximizes productivity and Govil is excited about the benefits their integrated technology will bring to individuals, making the work day more efficient, and easier.

Govil talks about some of the early feedback he has received and potential changes that could come in future versions of their products. As the interest in their product has been intense, Govil expects to see more and more companies coming forward to revolutionize the way their workforce works. With a stated goal of helping people work smarter, and helping manufacturers streamline operations, Govil and his team at Cemtrex hope to bring new levels of intelligence and security to the modern business world, through their value-added, innovative technology-oriented products.

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