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Mark Burhenne, DDS, author, and sought-after speaker, talks about his practice, his new bestseller, and ways we can improve our health.

Dr. Burhenne is the author of the #1 best seller, The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox, and is a respected practicing sleep medicine dentist in beautiful, Sunnyvale, California.

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He has over 30 years in dentistry.

Dr. Burhenne discusses his own personal experience with sleep apnea that led him to write his best-selling book, The 8-Hour Sleep Paradox. He gets into the heavy issues of his book and explains how the effects of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders and issues can leave people feeling less than their best, and can impact health negatively. If you wake up exhausted every morning in spite of your regular 7-8 hours of sleep, if you regularly make excuses for your lack of energy, if you snore so loud that you could wake your neighbors next door, grind your teeth, etc., you could be suffering from a sleep problem that needs further review.

Dr. Burhenne talks about how sleep apnea can produce dental warnings that are obvious signs that a problem exists.

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He explains how we sleep and the processes that take place that create sleep issues, obstructed breathing and other problems that interfere with our ability to get quality, restorative sleep.

And Dr. Burhenne shares his own personal experiences with sleep and nutrition as well.

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He talks about intermittent fasting, muscular and bite changes, and other issues that affect the body. And he provides valuable information on TMJ, pain in the jaw joint and clicking.

Dr. Burhenne is a celebrated TEDx speaker, and he shares his important advice and knowledge regularly in various media outlets, such as CNN, Yahoo!, CBS, HuffPost, Prevention, Men’s Health, and The Washington Post.

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