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“It was about reminding myself to get up and be aggressive in my own pursuit of wellness, cause no one’s going to do it for you…it takes a lot of courage and effort and strength to be an advocate for your own life,” says Matthew Gagne, a former professional skydiver and founder of Flock Goods.

But it’s not solely the bravery of his career that makes such a comment particularly powerful, coming from him: In 2014, Gagne’s neck was broken in 10 different places during a car crash, leaving him in the hospital for nearly two months, and setting him up for years of physical therapy.

Press play to hear his story, and how it’s led him to where he is today. You’ll discover:

  • The experiential differences between vertical wind tunnel training and skydiving
  • How skydiving helped Gagne adopt a fighting spirit and mentality during his recovery process
  • How cannabinoids can help people enhance their life in a variety of ways

Learn more about Flock Goods by visiting

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