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All light is not the same, and Eran Ben-Shmuel has produced a technology that will make that clearer than ever. They’ve remade how light is produced, resulting in a high-quality, high-functioning, and versatile smart light.

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  • How they use a silicon chip and its reflections to increase surfaces that produce light,
  • How this evolves into an artificial intelligence lighting control, and
  • What applications their light “foam” can be used for, including street lighting design, horticulture, medical use, office space, and home use. 

Eran Ben-Shmuel is the CEO and Founder of Juganu, which brings new light technology to multiple applications. They are transforming the infrastructure of light to a digitized area—marking multiple points and making that area “smart.” They transform the colors with a different technology, taking a silicon chip and immersing it inside a light guide, causing total reflections to catch surfaces of light. This process allows them to highlight almost every aspect of light, from efficiency to quality. 

They can then control the different parameters of light such as the spectrum or gamut of light as their needs demand, modulating that light from daylight to sunset colors and more. An essential elements is their ability to maintain the “perfect” white—changing the colors while in what’s called the “blackbody curve.” This produces a very high quality of light by controlling almost every slice of the spectrum. They can use this technology for multiple applications, from street lighting projects to horticulture to medical needs. By choosing the right spectrum and controlling it, they can even stop the spread of viruses and other pathogens like bacteria. 

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