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Marian Bacol-Uba, bestselling author, TEDx Speaker, conscious business coach and founder of Thriver Lifestyle, provides valuable insight on the many ways we can maximize our potential and lead more productive happier lives.

Marian is passionate about empowering women, helping them reach their full potential to thrive in not only business but in their personal lives as well.

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She understands the roadblocks that many faces on their journey to fulfillment, because she has faced them herself, and overcome them.

The coach and author talk about her background, and how she arrived at her current career and passion—helping others to improve their lives and maximize their potential. She speaks candidly about the abuse she suffered, as well as her past problems with drugs and alcohol. As she explains, she went on to become incredibly successful in business but was still leading a double life, trying to numb her pain with alcohol and drugs, and in 2014 she overdosed and had a near-death, out-of-body experience that changed her. Seeking to change her life, she moved from LA to Miami, to start over and begin a life transformation, looking inward to heal herself.

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Marian began extensive research into healing and meditation; she attended conferences and read book after book, seeking the answers that would improve her life completely. Through the process, she healed herself from the inside out, and she began to wonder why this information was not readily available for everyone.

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She came to the conclusion that she needed to take all that she learned and develop a program and coach others to find ways to heal themselves as well.

Marian’s intensive journey of personal healing, transformation, and development, has helped her to help others. She talks about the importance of disrupting negative patterns, and how we can all change our mindset and bring positive thinking into our daily lives. Marian talks about her clients and how she works with people. While she predominantly works with women, she does have male clients as well. She talks about her typical coaching scenarios and the methods and practices that are involved.

Wrapping up, Marian talks about abundance and how we can all be successful. She discusses her big goals for career and life, and how we can get our maximized results when we remove distraction from our lives. And she explains how her one-on-one coaching is what makes her thrive, and is her motivation for pushing forward, as she sees her clients reach their own goals.

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