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In his early twenties, Damien Blenkinsopp lived a nomadic lifestyle, rolling with life’s punches and going in whatever direction it seemed to take him. But when it took him to Thailand, it presented something which would change him forever: a mysterious illness that would leave him intermittently bed-bound and battling symptom after symptom for years on end.

No matter how many specialists he visited, he couldn’t get an answer as to what was going on with his body. Not many of us have found ourselves in such a position, but the prospect terrifyingly begs the question: where would we turn for help?

Forced to answer this question for himself, Blenkinsopp embarked on a journey filled with research, self-experimentation, and conversation with any and every scientist or layperson who might provide some insight.

Along this journey, Blenkinsopp created The Quantified Body, a podcast that he used as a tool for collecting information and anecdotal evidence.

Having tried countless avenues of potential relief, Blenkinsopp can attest to his personal success with two things: the ketogenic diet and the fasting diet.

He has since founded Ketosource, a website dedicated to providing others with the information and insight he’s learned throughout his journey, which continues to this day.

Blenkinsopp has a one-of-a-kind story that is simultaneously inspiring and intriguing, informative and enlightening. Press play to hear all the details, including his advice on navigating medical systems that fail to provide diagnoses, the fasting mimicking diet, and how to take back control of your health by harnessing the power of data.

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