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Businesses and consumers worldwide are looking for safer and easier ways to do business across borders. dLocal has developed a platform to bridge the gap between people in countries with underdeveloped payment systems or who have large numbers of unbanked customers, and e-commerce businesses who are looking for ways to access these untapped markets.

dLocal is helping international e-commerce companies sell and get paid locally in emerging markets including Latin America, China, and Turkey along with a number of other countries. They offer a given user the ability to pay for goods or services in local and preferred payment methods such as cash, local credit cards, installments, etc.

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The international company then receives the payment in their own currency.

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The cross-border platform opens the customer base for e-companies to reach billions of consumers globally by supporting over 130 local payment methods, with a single integration. Top global brands such as Disney, GoDaddy, and others are already working with dLocal, allowing them to reach emerging markets and expand their business.

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