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“When something provokes in you a certain feeling that you can’t describe, you can recreate that feeling for the viewer in a painting,” says Jordan Henderson, an artist who has done just that with something few would consider subject matter for artwork: the current pandemic.

Tune in to learn:

  • What led Henderson to view the current virus situation through an artistic lens, and how people are responding to it
  • How art and a little hyperbole can make people see the absurdity of what they’ve grown accustomed to
  • What makes the current virus situation so ideal for visual art
  • How opposition to the current situation can take place from anyone at any time

For an interesting and unique look at the current situation, listen to Henderson share his insights on it, and how he is using his artistic talent to make powerful statements which are resonating with many. He shares feedback on his pieces, the meaning behind them, details of the piece he is in the process of painting, plans for future paintings, and more.

To check out his work and purchase something for yourself (like a mug, T-shirt, or even a yoga mat with an image of his paintings!) visit and

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