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Each year, AngelHack organizes over 100 hackathons spanning 94 cities and 44 countries.  While each AngelHack event features a different project depending on the innovation needs of the company for which it’s organized, there is at least one constant: the promise of a lively, well-catered and diverse environment that’s conducive to team-building and the creation of innovative ideas. For 36 hours straight, eager participants pair up and focus on the development of a prototype for which they will pitch to a panel of judges and vie for one of many possible prizes. Sabeen Ali, CEO of AngelHack, discusses the ins and outs of these hackathons, as well as what’s on the horizon. Tune in to learn how to get involved and stay connected.

Ali also discusses:

  • The variety of prizes that participants can expect, including the opportunity to receive corporate funding for winning prototypes

  • How the idea for an AngelHack hackathon is initiated, the factors that guide its organization and the demographics of participants

  • The values that AngelHack runs on, including diversity, inclusion and the prioritization of the attendees’ needs

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