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Smart Containers Group, with its SkyCell AG division, is a leading manufacturer of the world’s safest temperature-controlled containers for climate-sensitive pharmaceuticals and high-value food items.

Temperature control is a critical element to safely delivering most pharmaceuticals as well as certain food items, such as fish and beef, for example. Traditional methods of shipping such items has been in Styrofoam boxes packed with ice. With SkyCell’s use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, they can guarantee the temperature within the containers they ship, will last 50% longer than current methods.

SkyCell is using the blockchain technology to both track and remotely monitor each container to preserve the correct product temperature throughout the entire shipment process of the cargo. They are also now accepting cryptocurrency as payment in order to further expedite the process along with the use of smart contracts where customers can view, use and print invoices on the spot.

Depending on a company’s business model, SkyCell will rent the boxes to the specialized food producers of pharmaceutical companies, allowing them to then operate the fleet with their software and containers.

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