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RealWear, as the name might suggest, is a wearables company. “Wearable whats?” you may be wondering. Well, wearable computers. Their flagship product is a wearable Android tablet—essentially a mobile computer you wear on your head.

“Won’t that look weird?” I wonder aloud.

RealWear CEO Andy Lowery explains.

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“First start with Google Glass.” Viz. Google Glass, the glasses with the heads-up display floating in front of one of your eyes. “You start there. But our device is very different from Google Glass in that it’s much more rugged.

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” Water-proof, dust-proof, with a much larger battery, RealWear is a cyborgish augmentation you can really take anywhere.

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It’s bigger. It weighs more. It has a wide VGA display. So instead of being mounted on glasses, like Google Glass, it’s attached to a hard hat, or ball cap. But the added size and weight lets it do more: “anything that you could run on an Android tablet that you’d typically be holding in your hand, and driving with your fingers.”

Hit play to learn more about RealWear’s innovative wearable technology. Subscribe, review, and if you like what we’re doing at Future Tech, donate a BitCoin or two. Every little bit helps.

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