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Does the environment around the parents impact the chance for birth defects? Evidence may support a level of present danger through evidence in mice. Press play to learn:

  • What caused the defects in the studied mouse population
  • The risks of quaternary ammonium compounds
  • The type of exposures that can cause these problems

Terry Hrubec, DVM, Ph.D., shares how the environment one is exposed to during gestation can present risks that can be harmful and leave lasting implications.

While studying lab mice, Dr. Hrubrec noticed a sudden jump in birth defects among the population. After much investigation, it turned out to result from a new cleaning product used to clean the laboratory where the mice resided.

The epigenetic changes may stem from the quaternary ammonium compounds present in the cleaner. Therefore, being cautious about our environment and what a mother is exposed to during gestation can be vital for the child’s health.

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