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Practical VR has set out to map the world in 3D, piece by piece. Though Google and other companies have done a good job of mapping the world with satellites and car-mounted cameras, the maps that they have created are only 2D. 3D maps of the world don’t yet exist but are necessary for augmented and mixed reality applications.

In order to create usable maps, not only do we need to be able to have baseline scans, but those need to be constantly updated to reflect our changing world, in a way that protects also protects individual’s privacy and security.VR’s analytics platform will help to create these maps that will become vital for any number of virtual and mixed reality applications.

For example, with cryptocurrency wallets becoming embedded into smartphones, Practical VR believes that one day users will be able to pull a token out of their pocket, and that action will trigger the payment for goods and services with the individual’s crypto wallet.

Practical VR is also coming out with their own holographic token, Prax, which will not only enable users to map the world around them but to share their maps with others.

For more information about Practical VR and the Prax token, visit

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