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Education only for the wealthy?

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In the 1860s, that’s what most people believed.

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A crucial turning point for public education was establishing the public land grant educational system, which has brought the best, newest research to the people – regardless of status.

Today, you’ll benefit from this simply by pressing play.

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Tune in to explore:

  • Why New Jersey is an ideal place to grow fruits and vegetables
  • The role of an “extension specialist” and the ideas that fostered the growth of this profession
  • Why organically grown crops provide extra challenges for farmers
  • Big issues impacting small farmers
  • Basil – why is it such a high-value crop?

Mark Gregory Robson is a distinguished professor, extension specialist of plant biology, and faculty director at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Press play to hear all his insight and learn more at Dr. Mark Gregory Robson Department of Plant Biology at Rutgers SEBS.

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