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The big asteroid is careening towards Earth and NASA is scrambling for a solution to save the planet, along with the help of a few of Hollywood’s biggest actors, we’ve all seen the movie.

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But truth is sometimes stranger than fiction as the European Space Agency in conjunction with NASA is working now to ensure that this scenario never becomes a reality.

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Ian Carnelli, Programme Manager at the European Space Agency (ESA) discusses the current research and the Asteroid Impact Mission. Asteroid deflection in regard to planetary defense is, as you’d imagine, a complex area of study; however, it is crucial research considering the fact that an asteroid’s impact on Earth could be up to a thousand times the Hiroshima bomb. ESA’s manager provides a detailed overview of the study of asteroid impact that takes into account speed and asteroid composition. And we’ll learn the importance of an inch, as Ian Carnelli explains how a small push of an asteroid that deviates its velocity as little as a quarter of an inch per second can change its orbit in a significant way.

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Listen in as Mr. Carnelli expounds upon the reasons why collecting real space data; impacting asteroid moons; along with studying craters, their shape, depth and size is important to calibrate models to simulate impacts. And he’ll discuss the Rosetta mission and its contact with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, and how it supplied important data to further research into the flight of a spacecraft near low-gravity environments.

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