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Phil and Anthony Butler make a father-son team that’s ambitiously leading the efforts at MARS BioImaging as CEO and CMO, respectively. They have their sights set on improving the current state of medical imaging in an unprecedented way through the use of spectroscopy and 3D imaging.

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Modern x-ray technology has the ability to identify tissue density and shape, but not to distinguish between different types of material, or to identify cell-specific labels attached for the purposes of research or drug therapies. The use of spectroscopy, however, enables us to see inside the body at the atomic level, which is a capability that’s paving the way for a deeper understanding of disease processes and prevention, as well as applications in personalized medicine.

Most recently, the team at BioImaging has been looking at samples of excised plaque from patients who’ve suffered from a medical event such as stroke or heart attack. By scanning these samples using spectroscopic technology, they are not only able to determine the amount of fat versus calcium versus tissue but obtain and rotate in 3D space color-coded images of these samples.

Tune in to learn more about the groundbreaking applications of this technology in clinical medicine and research, and send your inquiries to

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