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How many chemicals are floating around in natural bodies of water? Where do they travel, how do they change over time, and how much do we know about their environmental and human health impacts?

Tune in to explore the answers to these questions and more important topics, including:

  • Examples of the most common biologically active compounds entering the environment and how they impact wastewater treatment plants
  • The quantity and source of chemicals entering various environmental compartments and where they end up
  • How chemicals transform once they enter the environment and what products they form
  • The detection of micropollutants in aquatic systems

Bill Arnold, a Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering at the University of Minnesota, focuses on the environmental impact of various chemicals. Some of these chemicals come from wastewater treatment, agriculture, and industrial processes, while others come from pharmaceuticals and consumer chemicals.

He shares the ins and outs of his research and the critical implications it may have.

To learn more about Arnold’s research, visit

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