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Struggling to sleep? Want more energy? Want to focus for longer periods of time? Interested in natural ways of improving your life, but unsure where to begin? This is the episode for you.

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  • What drawbacks and limitations exist in reductionist science, especially when applied to medicinal substances
  • How you can be sure that the herbs you get from Lost Empire Herbs are safe
  • What is happening in terms of censorship of information about alternative medicine and health

Logan Christopher was never naturally strong or necessarily athletic, but he started getting into bodyweight training around age 18. Inspired by strongman entertainment (people pulling off amazing feats of strength), and fueled by a desire to find a ‘secret weapon’ to pursue his aims, he began exploring a variety of alternative health topics, including herbalism.

The cordyceps mushroom was one of the first herbs he took, and the results were undeniable: he had a marked increase in energy during his workouts, and he was hooked. He took an even deeper dive into herbalism, Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, Western herbalism, and even alchemy. This research led him to establish Lost Empire of Herbs, where he serves as Chief Executive Officer.

Christopher’s reason for getting into herbalism was for physical performance, but herbs can benefit those who seek to enhance mental performance, and even sleep or sexual performance. Anyone who is looking for an herb to fulfill some type of functionality is likely to find it, says Christopher.

At Lost Empire Herbs, the focus is on finding herbs that have tangible benefits from the very beginning. Christopher talks about natural testosterone boosters, herbal medicine for men’s health, herbal supplements for athletic performance and stress relief, the science of herbs, guidelines to follow when looking for the right types of herbs for you, and how to positively affect various aspects of your life, naturally.

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