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After turning from conventional medicine when it didn’t offer answers to her health struggles, Cheryl Meyer discovered life-changing information in the functional medicine world.

She explains to listeners

  • Her own story of autoimmune disease and how she researched her way out of pain,
  • What testing and information functional medicine offered to help her understand what changes to make, and
  • What are some fundamental ways to make similar changes in our own lives such as eating choices and reference sources.

Author Cheryl Meyer was living a stressful lifestyle running a high-profile jewelry business. One day she woke up with bodily swelling and so much pain she couldn’t get out of bed.

She details this story and how she turned to her regular doctor whose only solution was steroids and therapy, a response indicative of what she describes as our broken healthcare system. After Cheryl turned elsewhere through research, she discovered the world of functional medicine.

She then explains how testing revealed she had 18 food sensitives, a concept in functional medicine that conventional medicine doesn’t explore in the same way. She goes into more detail about this testing and her various sensitives and how they led to damage to her gut over time called leaky gut syndrome.

She describes how our bodies react to that leaking material, causing even more physical distress. Cheryl explores how understanding her autoimmune disease led to enough life alterations that she’s now pain free.

She then talks about coaching others through this process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, acknowledging how yes, it is hard for people to deal with giving foods up but she says the payback is worth it. She reminds listeners how much better it is to reduce the pain and have so many healthy days.

Cheryl believes our broken healthcare system is itself a symptom of our lack of understanding and attention to the toxins that surround us and the foods that are harming us.

She is the author of the award-winning It Feels Good to Feel Good and will be publishing another book over the next month. For more information and to contact her about speaking or coaching, see


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