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Medtech Impact on Wellness

How can a customized health plan improve your life? Sometimes physical fitness can feel like a futile attempt at enhancing body composition – that’s where Re:Vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness comes in…

In this episode, we chat with Dan LeMoine, the co-founder of the innovative company Re:Vitalize Weight Loss & Wellness. He joins us to discuss how his company’s distinct approach to weight loss is reframing health from a lifestyle and whole food nutrition perspective.

Dan is an author and nutritionist with a background in Rugby. With a passion for health and fitness, Dan had the opportunity to work with Dr. Noel Abood to write the Fear No Food – a book that introduces readers to a weight loss program that identifies nutritional needs, fixes the metabolism, and helps them maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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In this episode, we explore:

  • How to identify the lifestyle differences that affect your body’s health.
  • How major life events can impact metabolic health. 
  • Why certain people “yo-yo” with their weight loss, and how nutrition optimization can help.
  • What metabolic age is, and how it is determined.

To find out more about Dan and his work, click here now!

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