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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Dr. Paramjit “Romi” Chopra, founder of The Midwest Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapies (MIMIT), has a mission to help people, to aid them in moving forward in their lives. Dr. Chopra believes people are the foundational bedrock of a community and that all humans want to live full, rewarding lives, to the best of their God-given potential. Dr. Chopra describes the disease as ‘dis’ ‘ease’ and his goal with MIMIT is to help people live healthier lives and be the solution to their health problems. Minimally invasive, or as Dr. Chopra refers to it—enlightened healthcare—brings traditional health solutions together with more personal, complex and sometimes esoteric issues, such as feelings and thoughts. For as Dr. Chopra explains, we are not robots; we have emotions and feel things and these are important in the overall scope of our care.

MIMIT is a collective of physicians who specialize in minimally invasive medicine. Their physicians utilize the most advanced medical technology to implement wellness strategies across the minimally invasive spectrum. In regard to procedures and surgeries, minimally invasive surgery is essentially a surgery that minimizes surgical incisions with the primary goal of reducing trauma to the body. By using thin needles and an endoscope for viewing, surgeons are able to perform the needed task that required a surgical procedure, but in a manner that is less traumatizing physical, and emotionally.

Dr. Chopra’s team uses AI and mobile data to build an extensive wealth of information, which enables them to better serve their patients as they are more informed about each patient’s particular set of circumstances, history, and biography. By minimizing waste and utilizing technology to minimize inventory on the shelf, MIMIT is able to lower costs and keep procedures at a more affordable level for patients.

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Dr. Chopra explains that his team seeks to constantly innovate, improve patient experiences, and provide the best care that patients desire.

By using technology and linking his entire team together in the digital environment, Dr.

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Chopra states that MIMIT is able to deliver better and faster care, make patients’ lives easier, and still remain profitable. He speaks about the simple things that make his approach better, such as sometimes taking the care directly to the patient if the patient is, in fact, unable to come into MIMIT’s clinic. By studying the models of successful tech companies like Google and Amazon, Dr.

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Chopra is considering the possibilities of taking MIMIT’s technological innovation to a larger scalable model, which could offer better care to millions of patients.

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