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As of this writing, there’s not really much incentive to run a full node as an individual.

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As just one person, it’s not worth the cost. And the cost is high. Nate Basanese estimates it at “too much.”

Along with partner Michael Folkson, Nate is one of two winners of a recent BCoin Hackathon. Folkson and Basanese joined me to talka bout their recent success, and to get into further detail on their winning project.

As with most Hackathons, it started with the brainstorming stage. “We wanted to work on something that used Lightening and BCoin, given that there were representatives of both there.

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” What they ended up with was a prototype of a full node generating revenue, a prototype that monetizes full nodes using both Lightening and BCoin.

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Hit play to hear the rest of Folkson and Basanese’s story. Be sure to subscribe and review, and if you can, consider donating a BitCoin or two to the cause. Every little bit helps.

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