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In 2009, Michael Alden started Blue Vase with the goal of marketing products and services that have a positive impact on people’s lives. Since then, Blue Vase has been recognized in SmartCEO magazine, the Boston Business Journal and on

It wasn’t until 2014 that the idea of cryptocurrency was first introduced to Alden. “I knew nothing about cryptocurrency…it was so foreign to me that I pushed it away when it was originally introduced to me in 2014. But when I realized what it was…and the application of blockchain and how it can change industries and change lives and save lives and make the world a better place…I am all in.”

It wasn’t until around August of last year that Alden really threw himself into the study of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Since then, he has published Crushing Crypto, a book about his journey into the world of crypto that aims to provide the complete beginner with an easy-to-grasp, basic level of information about the benefits and revolutionary aspects of cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

To learn more about Alden and his future plans, tune in or visit

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