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In this podcast, Marni Amsellem, PhD, psychologist, talks about her work treating clients with cognitive behavioral therapy tools and techniques.

Podcast Points:

  • How can cognitive behavioral therapy help with anxiety issues?
  • Can cognitive behavioral therapy help combat negative thoughts?
  • The anxiety/insomnia connection 

Dr. Amsellem works with many clients, helping them to develop tools to manage their anxiety, depression, health-related challenges and life changes. Dr. Amsellem talks about her areas of focus in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). She discusses insomnia, and explains how anxiety is sometimes the reason for poor sleep. CBT, she states, can help with underlying anxiety.

Continuing, Dr. Amsellem discusses the triggers that can bring on anxiety in some people. There are multiple factors that can impact us negatively, and Dr. Amsellem discusses the many statements and thoughts that we communicate to ourselves, sometimes far below our conscious level even.

Dr. Amsellem provides an overview of various themes she hears from her clients regularly, such as concerns over failure, concerns over rejection, to feelings of worthlessness, and others. She breaks down some of the techniques she utilizes and explains how cognitive behavioral therapy can assist with those negative thoughts we sometimes have by helping us reframe them and overcome them.

She talks about the importance of increasing our awareness of thoughts and triggers, and the patterns we gravitate toward. Wrapping up, Dr. Amsellem explains CBT in detail, and how it can be applied to real world situations and problems and help us create changes in our lives, for the better.


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