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Dataperformers is an applied AI research company based in Montreal, CA, offering two main solutions for businesses: Stellar AI and SpecterNet.

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Mehdi Merai, CEO of Dataperformers, explains that the growth rate of startups is much greater than it is for manufacturers, with many seeing 300% growth in just six months.

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“The problem is that the data that financial institutions are using today are not up to date and the models are not made for a continued flow of data,” says Merai.

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This is where Stellar AI comes into play, which works to match data from external sources with internal data in banks and other financial institutions, allowing for a more thorough profiling of companies, the ability to predict servicing and financing needs, and for the prioritization of tasks within sales departments.

SpecterNet, on the other hand, utilizes deep learning and computer vision technology in order to detect, track, and identify objects in video content, providing marketing companies with a tool for in-store analyses such as threat-risk detection and customer behavior analytics.

Tune in for the full discussion, and visit to learn more.

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