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Micah Hollingworth, co-founder and CEO of BROADWai (broadw.

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ai), delivers an overview of the current state of special event ticketing and the technology that drives it.

Hollingworth is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in creating, operating, and marketing live events. His innovative entrepreneurial skills include strategic planning, fundraising, and execution. And with an intensive fascination for all things technology it was inevitable that Hollingworth would launch another great tech-oriented business such as BROADWai.

Hollingworth talks about the many and varied interests that led him to launch BROADWai, along with co-founder, Jon Scott.

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He describes his entrepreneurial spirit as a child and the love for live theater he developed that led him to his current career. Moving to NYC about 25 years ago set the stage for his total immersion in the theater world.

The technology guru discusses the many challenges that people face when trying to purchase tickets for events. He states that difficulty in purchasing or reserving tickets for live events can often discourage ticket buyers, and providers may lose them to other events when the experience is arduous. Hollingworth explains how their technology platform works, and how it provides a smooth, efficient process for ticket buyers.

BROADWai’s technology solutions assist customers with their total experience, helping them to navigate and effortlessly plan. The platform offers a valuable exchange between the guests and the Broadway community, a customized experience in one simple, single digital transaction that incorporates everything, from ticketing to parking, as well as preshow and postshow needs to provide real-time information regarding theater policies and so much more.

Hollingworth discusses their integration with other ticketing partners, and the events that they currently support. Hollingworth expounds upon the future of ticketing. He states that voice-enabled devices will be a part of their future because the voice-enabled tech market is exploding. And he talks about their voice clients that will be launching later in the year.

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Regarding their platform, BROADWai’s AI/ML abilities continue to evolve during each conversation and with every question asked. Their innovative platform will set the bar high for competitors as BROADWai accelerates to the edge of technology and continually integrates the latest and greatest, in order to deliver a totally frictionless experience to the user.

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