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“It’d be a good thing to get people off Earth,” and with that, this Future Tech podcast, Exploring Deep Space, really begins as we visit with Daniel Faber, former CEO of Deep Space Industries (DSI).

Although no longer with DSI, Faber is continuing to honor his calling and pursue his goal: planning and being prepared for the inevitability that is humans living off-Earth. The risks inherent to us here on Earth (meteorites or global cataclysms, for instance) can be mitigated by a move into space, Faber points out.

Currently, he works on models that would make it feasible for permanent human off-Earth settlements.

He also gives his thoughts on how soon humanity will be able to live permanently off-Earth and how, once a certain goal is realized, the rest of the dominoes will fall. You’ll also learn how he sincerely believes that it will be more economical to live off-Earth than on Earth—you’ll shake your head in wonder when you hear how this is possible (we did!

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Faber finishes by mentioning the endless number of entrepreneurial possibilities that have yet to be realized, endeavors just waiting for creative, innovative thinkers to brainstorm and create them.

If you’re a serial entrepreneur yearning for a way to pioneer an industry or product that currently does not exist, you’ll want to hear the 4 industries Faber suggests, including 2 that have no competition – yet. At the end of this podcast, Faber reveals how enterprising thinkers can get in touch with him, so listen ASAP and get ahead of the crowd.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why he thinks the first permanent off-Earth human civilizations will not be on Mars, the moon, or places like that but will instead be in a much better, much more hospitable place—and why it’s better
  • The #1 reason that will successfully encourage people to live off-Earth—and until this happens, humans won’t live off-planet
  • That while solving issues with getting water and growing enough food in space are crucial, there’s something more important than either for humans to be able to live in space

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