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In this episode, Zoie Diana joins us to discuss her research on plastic pollution management. Zoie is a scientist in the Marine Lab at Duke University, where she is also a Ph.D. candidate pursuing certificates in Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health and College Teaching. 

Zoie has always been interested in how human activity influences marine environments, and this fascination led her to study the ecological repercussions of plastic pollution. In addition to this, she has focused her research on understanding how governments, businesses, and biologists mitigate the plastic pollution problem… 

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Click play now to explore:

  • The genetic makeup of the bacteria found on plastics. 
  • Why marine life is consuming plastics, and what consequences may be.
  • How governments are approaching the issue of plastic pollution.

What can be done to alleviate the problems surrounding marine plastic contamination? Join us now to find out!

You can learn more about Zoie Diana and her work by visiting!

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