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How can camels conserve water so efficiently? By examining how their body handles cholesterol, the key may not just be the humps.

Listen in to learn:

  • How long camels can survive with no water
  • If one gene is responsible for hydration
  • Why cholesterol gives insight into hydration

Fernando Alvira, an Honorary Research Associate at the University of Bristol, Murphy group, shares his research examining the secret to camel’s high hydration efficiency.

Many other mammals rely on water every few days to remain alive, but camels can go for weeks on just a single standard hydration. While not entirely clear how, finding the genetic characteristics that make this possible may lead to new insights in our own bodies.

As the search for the specific gene in question remains ongoing, cholesterol in the camel’s body shows promise. Hopefully, while perfect knowledge of the exact reason may elude us for now, narrowing the targeted research can make incremental progress.

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