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Hannah Sutter, CEO, and founder of Natural Ketosis (,delivers an overview of the healthy benefits of ketosis. Ketones are produced when we eat few carbohydrates and sufficient amounts of protein. Carbohydrates are the main source of blood sugar and excess protein is converted to blood sugar.

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Fat is converted in the liver to ketones, and these ketones enter the bloodstream and are then utilized as a fuel source by cells within the body, just as glucose would be. And as the brain cannot be directly fueled by fat, ketones can benefit brain function as well.

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Most people get much of their energy from carbohydrates, but when the body begins to fuel itself on ketones, a higher level of energy can be achieved. And tapping into ketones can often provide people with a boosted level of mental clarity as well.

Sutter explains how her interest in ketosis drove her to dig deeper into foods that were available for the ketosis-minded, and unfortunately, what she found was that there were few choices on the market without artificial sweeteners and artificial ingredients. Sutter set out to change that. Sutter’s company, Natural Ketosis, provides portion-controlled, fat burning food delivered right to your door. She discusses the natural foods and ingredients of the snacks, meals, and full dinner options they deliver, including the many benefits of prebiotics as well. Prebiotics are high-fiber foods that can act as a food for human microflora, and they are often used to improve the balance of these types of microorganisms. Interestingly, this can add a slightly sweetened taste to some foods as well, and as sugar intake is lowered in one’s diet, it only takes a small amount of sweetener for as the body adjusts our perceptions are changed.

The process of being in ketosis provides so many healthy benefits such as weight loss; a reduction in stored body fat; an increase in energy levels; stabilization of blood sugars; improvement in hair, skin and nail quality; and a more substantial feeling of being full after a meal with reduced sugar cravings overall. The nutrition expert explains how many people can benefit from a ketogenic diet, from those who struggle to lose weight to fitness enthusiasts, to diabetics and people who suffer from seizures, and really anyone who wants to have a healthier diet and renewed energy.

She explains that it may seem difficult for some people to make the switch to the healthier diet, but she advises for people to view it as a lifestyle rather than just a diet.

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For if people see it as a way of living, they will probably stick to it longer, and the longer they maintain it, the better effects it can have on their overall health and energy.

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