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Rachel Gregory, CEO of Killin It Keto (, delivers an informative overview of the ketogenic lifestyle and the diet that has proven itself as a means to a healthier life. As a board-certified nutrition specialist, strength coach, conditioning coach, and athletic trainer, Gregory has the knowledge and training to enable her to assist individuals who want to improve their overall health. She has abundant expertise in the scientific application of the ketogenic diet and is the author of, “21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge.” Her recent clinical trial conducted with CrossFit athletes, in which she analyzed the effects of their use of a ketogenic diet, was the first of its kind and was recorded in the International Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine.

During the trial, she measured outcomes between a CrossFit athlete group that stayed in ketosis versus the control group that did not. Her findings showed that the CrossFit ketosis group was able to benefit from the dietary change as they lost significant body fat but still retained lean muscle mass to the same degree of the control group. And the increase of performance measurement was balanced between the groups as well. Gregory is a former collegiate triathlete and has experience working with Division I collegiate athletes, WNBA stars, and many top bodybuilders. She holds a master’s degree in nutrition & exercise physiology from James Madison University as well as a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from the University of Miami. Gregory makes regular rounds on the national conference circuit presenting her research and the benefits of the ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

The ketosis authority states that a ketogenic, lower carb, diet not only provides a weight loss opportunity, but it can help to reduce inflammation and also provide more stabilized energy throughout the day, avoiding spikes and periods of extremely low energy. She provides an introduction to the organic process that led to the creation of her primary product, the 21-day keto challenge that is detailed in her book. And with the 21-day challenge, her clients and followers can digest the health-improving information in small amounts over 21 days as Gregory slowly educates them on many topics and ways to realize their physical health goals. From alternative foods to performance enhancement and energy, Gregory’s 21-day course offers excellent input to help anyone reach higher levels for better health and performance, whether they are an average body type or a world-class athlete.

Gregory discusses the many simple ways anyone can take typically high carb meals and turn them into low carb meals by making easy ingredient substitutes. From fried rice to pizza, her book and course list many different recipes that can help secure powerful results but still keep the full flavor in the foods for great taste. Additionally, Gregory provides copious amounts of keto-specific information on quick foods from reasonably healthy fast food restaurants such as Chipotle and others. After someone goes through the 21-day challenge successfully, Gregory offers individualized training and education to help people continue to push forward toward their health goals.

She discusses how, over time, the diet and lifestyle become easier for most everyone making the transition. And while those who come to the ketogenic lifestyle well versed in the basics of nutrition may find the adjustment to be rather simple, still anyone who wants to learn and implement the keto strategies can do so, regardless of their background.

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