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Do you love traveling? Do you love having the freedom to be where you want, when you want, doing what you want? Do you hate taxes?

If so, this episode is for you.

Andrew Henderson, founder of Nomad Capitalist, shares the invaluable knowledge he’s gained through numerous entrepreneurial ventures and his travels to 100+ countries over the past 12 years.

Tune in to learn:

  • Concepts of global citizenship and international business
  • Why, in a world that’s in a constant state of flux, it’s so powerful to have total freedom and significantly lower your taxes
  • Why so many people consider moving to a different country, but ultimately don’t
  • The value of a Golden Visa for people who don’t want to leave the US, but want the option of doing so
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For over a decade, Nomad Capitalist has helped more than 1,000 people achieve global freedom by obtaining citizenship in other countries, conducting international business and making international investments, reducing their tax rate offshore, and protecting their assets. How do they do it?

First and foremost, the team at Nomad Capitalist develops a holistic plan for every client – one that identifies the client’s true needs and objectives, lays out the smartest ways to achieve those objectives, brings to light solutions few people even know exist, and of course, protects the client from overpaying for things they just don’t need.

Henderson fleshes out all of this and more.

Visit and explore the Nomad Capitalist YouTube channel here:

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